Akkulaufzeit? – Anschlüsse? – Kensington Lock?

Battery life? - Ports? - Kensington Lock?

Because we have been asked the following questions several times, here is a blog post about the Guardmine battery life, connections and what is a Kensington Lock?

Battery life:

Inside the Guardmine is a 4,400mAh battery, which has a runtime of up to 24 hours.

The two chips inside the Guardmine are permanently working for the security of the Guardmine and the display also needs energy.

It is therefore necessary - as with any conventional smartphone - to charge the Guardmine regularly, i.e. we recommend charging the Guardmine (when in use) every evening.


The Guardmine has two USB-c ports:
  • one on the outside to charge the Guardmine's battery (a charging cable is included in the price and delivery)
  • one on the inside to charge your smartphone in the Guardmine when you are on the move.
Kensington Lock:

In addition, all Guardmine models have a Kensington Lock connector. This is a connection for a steel wire that can be fixed to a fixed object (e.g. table) and thus offers additional theft protection.

Below you will find a video on how to attach the Guardmine with a Kensington Lock:
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