Why Guardmine?

People keep asking me how I came up with the idea. It's a very simple story:

Since I was able to travel independently, I have visited almost every continent. First alone as a backpacker, today with my wife and our three children.

In the process, something has often been stolen from us. Mobile phone, credit card, driving licence, passport... Often the financial loss was the smallest problem! Anyone who has ever lost their passport abroad, for example, knows what I am talking about.

These things were usually stolen while we were near our things! Briefly distracted by the beautiful view, the children or the like... and then the fun started: blocking cards, having documents reissued, etc.

Thus the idea for the Guardmine was born: a portable small safe with an alarm that goes off if someone tries to steal something during my inattention.

Guardmine safes

I want you to feel safe, I want you to have fun with it as an accessory, so you always know if your stuff is still there without having to check and watch all the time. Let's face it, it's more fun to enjoy the scenery or watch your kids instead of having to constantly rummage around for your most important valuables.

We wanted to make a mobile safe that gives you exactly this "piece of mind".

If you can enjoy your next holiday carefree, bring home the best memories AND your valuables, then we have achieved our goal.

Guardmine values

In addition to our ongoing commitment to protecting your valuables, Guardmine also stands for growing our local economy, social issues and inclusion, a gender-neutral work environment and maybe a little good for the environment: after all, you don't have to buy a new phone.

Guardmine Promise

We've created the first mobile safe that can make a real racket when someone gets their hands on your stuff! Order it, look at it, guard it. And if you don't like the Guardmine, just send it back.