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Where can I download the manuals?

Can I take the Guardmines with me in my hand luggage on a flight?

Yes, you can. If you switch the Guardmine to flight mode, it may be carried as hand luggage.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Guardmine?

  • Outer dimensions: 245x180x50 mm (9.6×7.1×2 inch)
  • Inner dimensions: 170x150x30 mm (6.7×5.9×1.2 inch)
  • Weight Safe: 700g (1.54 lb) Weight Music: 850g (1.87 lb)

What does Safe-in-Safe ® mean ?

The Guardmine consists of two safes, one inside the other. This patented construction makes it very difficult for a thief to break open the Guardmine quickly.

In addition, this construction protects against overheating.

What connections does the Guardmine have?

  • Input for charging the Guardmine: USB-C / 5 V / 3 A (max)
  • Output inside for charging a smartphone: USB-C / 5 V / 0.9 A

Which powerbank is installed in the Guardmine?

4400 mAh

Which display is installed in the Guardmine?

LCD-Anzeige: Farb-TFT / 4,3 inch

How loud is the guardmine alarm?

The alarm is 100 dB loud, which corresponds to the volume of a chainsaw from 1m away. The speaker is sand and splash-proof and has 3 W (RMS) at 4 ohms with a frequency range of 105 Hz - 20 KHz.

What fits into the Guardmine?

Smartphone(s), money, keys, creditcards

Is Guardmine waterproof?

The Guardmine has full protection against contact and splashing water from all directions. Protection class IP54

How can I open/close the Guardmine?

You can open and close the Guardmine via the integrated touch screen.

Can the guardmine be locked and moved without setting off the alarm?

Yes, the guardmine has two modes: LOCK - the guard mine is locked but no alarm is set; GUARD - the guardmine is locked and the alarm is set.

Are you a retailer or would you like to order several Guardmines at once?

Please contact us via the contact form.