Diebstahl und Versicherungen

Theft and insurance

Those who think that insurance policies cover all theft damage often experience a negative miracle. Most insurance policies only cover damage under the following categories:

Burglary, Robbery or Vandalism.

But not every insurance covers vandalism and looting, as there are often separate clauses that exclude so-called civil disturbances from insurance coverage. So if a protest or civil war breaks out in your neighbourhood and some vandals take your belongings, you may have problems with the insurance.

Almost certainly covered are burglary and robbery, but here the stolen items are usually only replaced at current value (i.e. the value they had at the time of the theft) and not at the value you bought it at. So if you bought an expensive smartphone 2 years ago, it is worth less than before and you get paid less. You would only have an advantage if you bought a painting 2 years ago whose value has increased in the last 2 years, because then you get more than you paid for it.

All other thefts are only covered by the insurance as a gesture of goodwill with a small sum. Unless you have a new, quite expensive policy that also covers simple thefts. So the question is whether you should just rely on the insurance or take matters into your own hands - Guardmine reliably protects your valuables and you save yourself the time-consuming and often unsatisfactory procedure with the insurance company.

Theft on holiday

In Germany alone, an average of 100,000 pickpocketings are reported every year. It is one of the most common types of theft worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how much pickpockets actually steal each year. But pickpocketing is not the only risk on holiday! Many people have also had the bitter experience of having valuables stolen from their hotel room. If something is stolen in the holiday accommodation, the landlord or tour operator is usually not liable. Theft from the hotel room or the room safe is part of the so-called "general risk of life" for which neither the tour operator nor the hotelier is liable.

Valuables should therefore always be kept in the hotel safe and the room should be locked when leaving. However, if something is stolen, it is best to report it immediately to the police and the hotel owner. Some hotel owners are insured against theft under certain conditions.

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