Volle Kraft voraus!

Full speed ahead!

Our Guardmine is a true "bundle of energy".

With the built-in, high-performance battery pack, your smartphone will never run out of juice again. We have chosen a 1S4P 3.6V Li-Ion BatteryPack with an incredible 4,400 mAh, which not only gives the Guardmine a long battery life, but also guarantees sufficient reserves for the function of the powerbank, so that you can always rely on full power even in the greatest adventure.

With our BatteryPack, we rely on four pieces of the high-quality and globally established Samsung 18650 cells. Our BatteryPack has a constant charging and discharging current of 5000mA max. to provide you with the best possible user experience. As a safety feature, the BatteryPack has an integrated PCM (Protection Circuit Module), which protects the cells against overcharging, deep discharging and short-circuiting, thus guaranteeing the Guardmine a long service life and consistent quality.

Of course, our battery pack is certified according to all required standards such as UN38.3 and IEC62133-2:2017, as well as being prepared on the component side for UL certification according to UL1642/UL2054/UL2056.
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