Was ist ein Diebstahl und welche Arten gibt es?

What is theft and what types are there?

According to Wikipedia, theft is a criminal offence committed against the property of another. However, not all theft is the same, or as it is commonly known, stealing. For insurance reasons alone, there are a number of distinctions. But what are the differences and how can you best protect yourself against them?

Well, first we need to clarify the different types of theft. Here are a few sub-categories that the law distinguishes. Some of them we even find amusing.

Types of theft

  • Simple theft: the stealing of movable property without damaging anything.
  • Burglary: entry by visible force into premises or use of false keys.
  • Theft during sexual intercourse: stealing something after sexual intercourse.
  • Bicycle theft: the stealing of bicycles in public places.
  • Shoplifting: taking goods without paying for them
  • Mouth robbery: stealing food
  • Tail penning: embezzling a small sum of money (the word must be really, really old)
  • Robbery: violence done or threatened to someone
  • Pickpocketing: street crime, something is stolen from your pocket
  • Trick theft: the victim is misled and in the process something is stolen from him or her
  • Vandalism and looting: severe damage to objects and robbery.
  • There are certainly other types of theft that we have not listed here. Feel free to send us an email and we will add them.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to steal something from someone, and many people have experienced it in one way or another. It is all too understandable to want to protect oneself against theft. Especially since the chance of detection in the case of theft is very small. For classic theft, the clear-up rate in Germany is 11.5%, for pickpocketing just 5.7%. So it is smart to take precautions to make it as difficult as possible for thieves.
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