Was ist ein Mini-Safe?

What is a mini safe?

Imagine the following scenario:

School holidays, over 30 degrees outside, the children want to go to the public pool, let's go, everything is packed, leave your valuables at home as much as possible.

Nobody goes out without a mobile phone, so that's a must, credit cards wouldn't be bad either, the car keys and some cash for the chips and an ice cream are also a must.

Finally we arrive at the pool, all sweaty of course and wanting to go straight into the water, where do I hide my valuables now or who is staying with them? ☹

When small children are with you, it is not possible to leave them alone at the waterside....

That's where my new favourite swimming companion comes into play: THE GUARDMINE.

Everything stored there, "armed" and I can leave the bathing towel without worrying, because if the Guardmine is picked up armed, a screeching alarm sounds (like a fire alarm) and attention is the last thing a thief wants.
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